Ballet Teacher, Latin Dance Teacher, Piano Teacher and Violin Teacher

Job Description

1.Type of School: Training school.

2.Type of job: Full-time (Provide work visa)


3. Location: Huaihua City, Hunan Province.

4.  Start date: Late August.

5.Students: 3-18 years old.

6.  Teaching time: 60 mins/lesson, 20-25 lessons/Week.

7.Office time: NO.

8. Days off: two days off per week.

9.Vacancy: Many


1. Native speaker.

2.Non-native speaker from European Countries, like Russi, Ukraine and so on.


3.Bachelor degree and above.

4. International certificate or awards.

5. Two years and above teaching experience.


1. Salary: 10 -20 K/Month before tax.

2.  Accommodation provided.

3.Flight allowance on expiration of contract.

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